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a dance movie


wilma casal

Even as a child, I was entranced by unspoken language. Watching people sit still and contemplate or watching them interact without a word opened a myriad of wordless expressions for me. The rawness and truthfulness, the pure beauty of body language, the subtle gestures, the minute nuances, the spaces in between spoken words became my treasure trove, and I became a dancer.


Dance is my cherished medium for sharing my experiences and wonderment. By translating non-verbal communication - mine as well as others' - into movement, I strive to preserve the spark of body language, carry it forward, turn it into a flame, or follow it to its embers. As a dancer, I want to bring the same grace, wonder, and joy I experience in my daily observations to my audience, inviting them to see and enjoy my world in all its facets through my art form.


"MOVEMENT NEVER LIES" / Inflatable dancers in the streets of NYC

​“There is a vitality, life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action.” Martha Graham

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