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Wolf & Swan, being both dichotomy and entity, came together in order to fulfill their dream of creating a space where true feelings and the honest exchange between artists - among themselves as well as with the audience - can be expressed and pursued.This is a safe refuge for exploring all artistic possibilities to keep curiosity in movement alive, raising questions, letting us discover and understand new realms. We tell stories.Using the Martha Graham Technique helps us access our inner voice, our emotions, unsolved elements of the soul, and origin of the mind, enabling our language to be clear and concise. Synchronizing with the musical and visual interpretation of collaborating artists, we are striving to touch the hearts and souls of our audience, to leave them with the same sense of wonder we experience during our performance. We want to think, we want to feel, we want to see and support each other, so each one of us can take an active part in bringing beauty, respect, and responsibility to this project - and thus to our audience.

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