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cannot and will not conform to the existing injustice and arbitrariness surrounding him.

He feels neither appreciated nor acknowledged by his fellow men. They all seem to be wearing masks, following an instrumentalizing power whose rules Siegfried cannot understand.


Wandering through a thicket of loneliness, he encounters his dragon, the guise of his own fear and fury. Siegfried decides to try a new path, to become inviolable and strong. He wants to defeat this ugly creature, the dragon.


Gunther who wants to call the invincible Brunhilde “his own”, uses Siegfrieds need for approval for his own agenda. He convinces Siegfried to help him, promising him prestige and power in return.


Siegfried rapes Brunhilde and reaps the rewards Gunther promised, but neither fame nor glory alleviate the guilt he now has to bear.


Humiliated and bound to Gunther, Brunhilde encounters her own dragon but decides to befriend rather than fight it. Together they win her battle for dignity, respect and justice, thus making Brunhilde the ruler of a new order.

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