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wilma casal

"Spirals in Motion" is a workshop class for dancers and other performing artists.

" In deepest gratitude to all my wonderful teachers and colleagues that I had the fortune of working with, I feel honored to be able to share my knowledge and passion with other dancers and artists, in order to help finding new ways of moving and improving on stage. "

"Spirals in Motion" is a workshop class taught by Ms Casal, as well as by choice guest instructors and movement experts who feel as passionately about giving back as she does.


212 Body @ 212 west 71st street
Nancy Meehan Studio @ 55 Bethune Street

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08/18/16, Bibi Sisemore: Wilma is a gifted dancer and a fantastic teacher who certainly knows how to convey her knowledge and the overall joy of movement! her gyrotonic background makes this even more interesting and valuable.

so happy to know you!

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09/24/16, Natalie Deryn Johnson: "Wilma has an elegance of posture as a performer. There is a heightened use of the body's potential for expression through form and emotion. Her expensive arms make me think on the swans of ballet while her grounding harks to her lineage. The investment of meaning in her carriage creates both drama and dignity. 
Experiencing Wilma as a teacher has enabled me to more fully understand the magic behind her performing body and also access my own physicality in ways I have been longing for years.
This class has truly unraveled the next phase of soft strength in me.
I'm surprised to see my new posture in action, a small part of me hoping to one day have the refinement that my teacher expresses with such ease.
Somatic learning is important to the functioning and understanding of a conscious body. Her adjustments, tender touch, guided exercises, and descriptive language, positive and imaginative, are crucial to the embodiment of what I feel has been literally out of reach for me.
I walk taller and float with more ease. It's a slow, but intuitive process and I will continue to study in this manner with Wilma as it is already allowing me more space within my performance practice and ease of daily life in New York."

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